Afro-Colombianism Pt. 2 (VIDEO CLIPS INCLUDED)

The second tour I got to do with Alex Rocha was a trip to the first free slave town in the Americas, San Basilio de Palenque. This town is located about an hour south east of Cartagena.  On the way there, we pulled over to the side of the road to where a big sign was posted with…

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Afro-Colombianism is ALIVE & WELL Pt. 1

It's safe to say at this point I am well traveled enough to know that the African Diaspora is far, wide, and everywhere. Going to a South American country for the first time, and a coastal one at that, I knew I was bound to see some of my hermanas y hermanos.  But it's one thing…

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I consider myself amazingly blessed to work in a school district in which we get a week off for a Winter Break. I decided back in July of this year that I had to go to Colombia, due to hearing about it on various travel blogs and groups that it was the place to be. I flew Avianca…

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