The Pyramids in Teotihacan

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Mexico City has been on my radar since I visited the costal city of Cancun back in 2013. I remember looking up day trips, and seeing a visit to a pre-Aztec community being one of the options. Now, I'm definitely am not a big history buff, but I thought it would be nice to visit…

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Museo Frida Kahlo

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As part of an all day excursion I booked, a visit to the Museum of Frida Kahlo was part of the itinerary. Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican painter, known mainly for the self portraits she created and being married to renowned muralist Diego Rivera. The entrance to the Museo Frida Kahlo The Museo Frida…

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Arriving to Mexico City

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Anytime I get an extended amount of time from work, I jump at the opportunity to get away. Holidays are no exception to my self-proclaimed rule, so when I saw a $375 roundtrip deal to Mexico City during the Thanksgiving holiday, back in July, I jumped on purchasing it. Fast forward 4 months later and…

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London Overview

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What an exciting couple of days it's been in London. My highlight for the tip is CLEANLINESS.  I couldn't help but to notice how clean everything was. Being a native and current New Yorker, it is safe for me to say that my city doesn't rank that high in that area.The biggest place I noticed…

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Arriving in London

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I MADE IT!! I've dreamed for the longest about making the big trek across the pond, and I did it ya'll... It feels amazing to be sitting here in my rental London flat, typing this to you all.  So let's get down to business, shall we? As you all know, I decided to come on…

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