Money Saving Tip #3

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Being that I'm a few days shy of having $3000 in travel money, I decided to share this money saving tip with you all!! Check out the video below! I previously blogged about this money saving tip before, so check out the post here, if you want some more insight After watching this video, do you think you'd give…

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Money Saving Tip #2

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Saving money isn't easy, but it's imperative, because you never know what life may throw at you where you need cash in a quick hurry. In my case, I have a savings for regular life things and one solely dedicated for my travels. One way I save money is by using the Digit app. It's an…

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Money Saving Tip #1

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People ask me so many times, "Jo, how do you afford to travel so much?" "Jo, you must have money!" or my personal favorite, "Jo, do you have a sugar daddy I don't know about?" Although I wish the latter was true (seriously I've gotten down on my knees a few times and prayed for…

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