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Jada's Diary: From Growing Pains to Found Promise

Education propelled her to success. But old wounds run deep…

Ever since she was a child, Jada White was told that education is the key to success. To freedom. To happiness. So, she found purpose and a life direction at college, studying the very subject that connected with her the most; and as she acquired multiple degrees, life started to open up for her.

Now navigating her twenties as best she can, Jada has a thriving career as an educator amongst the hustle and bustle of New York City. But despite throwing herself enthusiastically into jobs, relationships and travel, Jada finds herself continually betrayed, alone, and far from the happiness she always dreamed success would bring.

Dragged along by her work ethic and fueled by her yearnings, Jada fails to acknowledge the traumas of her past – traumas that are rearing their ugly heads as cycles of abandonment and abuse.

As Jada is hurled from one heart-wrenching situation to the next, the peace and happiness she so desperately wants always seems just out of reach.

Can Jada face her shadows and realize that emotional freedom is hers for the taking? Or have her scars altered the course of her life forever?

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Attitude of Gratitude: 90 Days to Win at Being Grateful


Embrace positivity and learn to become more grateful with this beautiful gratitude journal.

Are you searching for a wonderful journal designed to make you more grateful? Do you want to learn to appreciate the little things in life and improve your state of mind? Or do you want to naturally become more positive and outgoing? Then keep reading.

With a gorgeous layout and user-friendly prompts which invite you to share what you’re truly grateful about, this wonderful gratitude journal seeks to help you become more positive in your daily life by reflecting on what makes you happy.

Specially crafted as a deeply personal place to be honest with yourself and explore the little things, events, relationships, or routines that make your life more enjoyable, inside you’ll also find bonus prompts and challenges to shift your mindsets and become a happier, more outgoing person.

Book details:

  • Features a Simple Yet Stunning Layout and High-Quality Paper
  • Contains Ample Space To Write Down Your Thoughts and Feelings
  • Includes Bonus Prompts and Gratitude Challenges
  • Helps You Learn To Become More Positive and Grateful
  • Perfect as a Thoughtful Gift For Your Friends, Relatives, and Family Members
  • And Much More!

Whether you use this journal in the morning to put you in a good mood for the day, or in the evenings to let go of stress, relieve anxiety, and improve your sleep, you’re bound to find yourself feeling more positive and cheerful with every day that passes.

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