Here are a few places I’ve been featured + some work I’ve been a part of!

“Meet the Author” Interview w/ Sip & Flip Book Club LLC (November 2020)

“Of Trauma and Core Wounding” Podcast Interview with “You, Uplifted!” Podcast (November 2020) Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify

“Building a Healthy Life After Toxic Relationships” Instagram Live Interview with Debbi Rice of @singleandamazing (September 2020)

“Made to Dream” Podcast Interview w/ Maiah Chanel (August 2020)

“No PAIN, No GAIN!” Gem Talk Podcast Interview (August 2020) Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify

Unlocking the Diary with Jo Cabey ChiChat Podcast Interview (August 2020)

Pass the Mic, Sis!” She Wins Society Instagram Live Interview (July 2020)

“Inspiring With Her Voice” Thriving with Omu Podcast Interview (July 2020)

“Former Travel Blogger Jo Cabey on Becoming an Author + Mental Health & Wellness Advocate | Interview” w/Aren Lodge (July 2020)

Visionary Bosses Spotlight: Journey with Jo Podcast Interview (July 2020)

“Black Lives Matter” video short by Guillaume Lefebvre (July 2020)

Instagram Live Interview w/ Lorraine Avila (June 2020)

Instagram Live Interview w/ Remi Adeleke (June 2020)

“The Glow” video short by Ty Adams (June 2018)

Ayana Ori Blog Feature: “I am a Black Woman” (April 2018)