Home to the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Palace is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Denmark. Not only do the governmental activities take place here, but it is also where the queen welcomes official guests and holds her royal banquets. 

I am so grateful to have experienced this palace, because as I mentioned in my post (here), I’ve never actually been in a place as regal as such. Keep scrolling down for some shots and video clips of my time in the palace 🙂 

The Royal Stable

The Kings’ horses throughout the years

Real horses in the stable! I wasn’t ready!

The royal carriage 

The Royal Palace

The Royal Family

One of the rooms in the palace

Chandelier inside of the library

How beautiful is this???


After: How the room above transforms when it is time to host a royal event

The queen

Check out the video below of my final thoughts on the palace. 

I do want to add a correction. I did say that the queen lives here in the video, which is false. I was under that impression but that is not the case. While she doesn’t live there she, and the royal family, frequent the palace for any royal events that may be happening that require her attendance.