Jada's Dairy: From Growing Pains to Found Promise


Jada’s Dairy: From Growing Pains to Found Promise


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Jada White is a 20-something first-generation Caribbean-American who lives in New York City; she has a thriving career as an educator. From a young age, her family instilled in her that education was the key to success in life. She took heed to their advice and climbed the professional ladder, snagging multiple degrees along the way. Jada truly could accomplish anything she set her mind to when she worked hard for it.

But somehow, she never got the memo of what was needed to take care of her emotional needs. Throwing her all into matters of the heart didn’t yield the same results as her professional life, and she just couldn’t seem to figure out why.

As Jada navigates her fast-paced life, from one heart-wrenching situation to the next, she always finds herself within arm’s reach of inner peace but is never able to secure a lasting grip. What will it take for Jada to get the true happiness for which she desperately yearns?


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