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Pulling Back the Curtain

inspiration mental-health Dec 31, 2022

A few weeks ago, I made one of the most vulnerable posts I've made in a long time on Instagram.

I was compelled to get a bit more transparent due to the news surrounding the suicide of Twitch. The passing of people in the limelight by their own doing isn't something new (unfortunately) but this one struck a nerve with me, once social media began circulating videos he recorded a day or two before his death.

He was all smiles, dancing to the camera. "Seeming" as if life was all grand. 

This struck a massive chord with me, due to my past struggles with wearing a mask for the better part of 3 consecutive years. I've danced with the idea of signing out early from life. I've posted videos and photos online with the biggest grin while reeling with hurt from abuse & heartbreak.

I don't know how else to describe this juxtaposition but to use the words odd. It's a very odd state of mind to live in when you're in shambles on the inside, but when you get in front of others, it appears as if nothing is wrong. For me, it truly felt like I was putting on an acting performance, especially when it was time for me to go to work. 

I write all of this to say there are so many people out here going through so much, and we will never know it. This is why I stress the importance of being kind  to others because we truly don't know what they're going through. 

It's equally important to make sure you check in on people you love. People that are in your circle should be checked in on. Now, I know we're all people with tons of responsibilities and things on our plates, but I believe that if you love someone, they should hear from you. Especially if you know they are going through a life-changing experience: new job, relocation, breakup, new relationship, death of a pet/familly member...and the list goes on. Events like these (and countless others) have the ability to affect the mental wellbeing of a person.

One phone call, text, or drop by to the house could truly be the thing that helps to brighten someone's day or be the catalyst to a much needed conversation or vent-session.

I pray that as we embark on a New Year that we become more intentional about the relationships we have and be there for our people. I also want to emplore us to take care of our mental-wellbeing. 

There are a ton of resources available to help us naviagate life: blogs, podcast, YouTube videos, therapists, life coaches, and the list goes on!

Wishing each and everyone a safe and happy welcome into the New Year and please don't forget:

Some of the biggest smiles mask the deepest pains.