3 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Flight

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This is a post I never really foresaw myself talking about, but as we know art tends to imitate life. I'm overall a healthy person and probably catch the common cold 1-3 times a year, if that.  Last week, in the midst of traveling to Los Angeles, California for the Labor Day holiday, I got sick...like real sick. Like I want…

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My Top 3 Sites for Saving Money on Flights

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Let's be all the way real. Who can resist a deal? It becomes even sweeter when it's a deal on a flight. Being a full time teacher means my dates are pretty set around major holidays and peak travel dates for when I take my trips. Prices are always at their highest during Thanksgiving, Christmas,…

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5 Things I’m Never Leaving When I Travel

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As someone that's on the go quite often, I have a bunch of things I can't do without. As a seasoned traveler, these are some items I'll never leave home without. Honorary Mention: My Passport Not on my technical list (because when traveling domestically, it's not necessary), but it's def worth a mention. When you're country…

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Beijing, China

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I can't believe I finally made it out here! China, I can say that I've touched your soil. Years prior, coming to China was a thought I could never fathom. Believe it or not, I used to be vehemently afraid to fly. Yes...me! One of my motivations for visiting Beijing...The Great Wall! Welcome sign inside Beijing (PEK) airport…

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An Attitude of (Travel) Gratitude

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As I sit back and think of my life, my journey, and all the things that have led up to this very moment, all I can do is give thanks. I'm very aware that I live an amazing life and I do not take any of it for granted. Any of it. Things always look great when we…

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Turkish Airlines Review

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On my most recent trip abroad to Egypt, I flew with Turkish Airlines. There were other options that would've gotten me to Cairo, both quicker and a tad bit cheaper, of course, but I specifically scouted an international carrier when doing my research. Reason being is that generally speaking non-American carriers provide a better economy/coach experience (in my…

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Egypt

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Last month I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Egypt for six days with the best sister-friends a girl could ask for.  I remember way back in August 2017, when I initially booked the flight it started off as a solo trip, but as time went on, and I started letting more and more of my…

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3 Practical Steps for Solo Travel (VIDEO POST)

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Still thinking about making solo travel a reality?  Check out my VLOG below, where I share 3 practical steps to make it happen!! Curious and want to know more? What other lingering questions do you have? Already a solo traveler? What are some things you do to make it happen? Drop a line below and let me know!…

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St. Patrick’s Festival in Montserrat

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A few weeks back, I got the absolute pleasure of spending the St. Patrick's Holiday on the wonderful, beautiful, picturesque, underrated island of Montserrat. For those that don't know Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean and is a BOT (British Overseas Territory).  It is most commonly known for volcanic eruption that occurred on July 18, 1995, which destroyed…

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Solo Travel Over Everything!

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About 75% (or maybe more) of the trips I take annually are solo trips. I remember my official trip out of the country by myself was in 2015, when I went to Barbados for 5 days.  I'm not going to lie, I wasn't too nervous to go alone, because I've always the type of person to do things by…

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