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Life Lessons from My Journey Thus Far

Dec 09, 2022

I've been in a constant state of reflection, ever since I was forced to start reflecting in a productive manner. Prior to my healing journey, I would ruminate over things into an unhealthy obsession. Now I reflect, and most importantly, decide what's most salient to take action from.

Naturally, with these reflections, I've come to have some aha moments, which are things I've heard before, but never truly clicked until it clicked. Hearing something is one thing, but living it is a whole nutha thing!

Here are just a few of the many life lessons, that I've learned & experience that has stuck with me. I hope these lessons resonate and if they don't take time to reflect on them from the current space you're at.

Peace & Love Always,


  • People treat you, how you allow them to.
  • Decide to rule your mind, or it will rule you.
  • There is zero shame in not knowing something.
  • Love is a choice.
  • Practicing gratitude daily helps you to appreciate the big & little things in life.
  • There is an expiration date on some friendships.
  • People you love eventually will die.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone breeds growth.
  • Dreams and goals will shift as life goes on. And that's okay.
  • Things ultimately work out as they're supposed to.