Top 3 Tripods for Solo Pics

Hey travel family! As you know, I take an overwhelming majority of the photos you see on my blog and on my Instagram all by myself. Last year, I shared a tripod/selfie stick I use in a previous post, but since then, ya girl has upgraded!! Watch my video below to see the recommendations of the 3…

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My Solo Cruise Experience

This past June, I decided on a whim to go on a cruise, all on my lonesome. I didn't have any summer plans set in stone and realized that I needed to get out of the country. To maximize the amount of places I could see, I decided to search for a cruise. Now, to be very honest, I've never been…

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What Taking a Travel Break Has Taught Me

What a journey life has taken me since I've last posted on here! Life, as it always does, dealt me with some of the highest and lowest of times, in the span of a few months, but one thing I always am is grateful. Grateful for everything I go through, because I know for a…

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