My Top 3 Sites for Saving Money on Flights

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Let’s be all the way real. Who can resist a deal? It becomes even sweeter when it’s a deal on a flight. Being a full time teacher means my dates are pretty set around major holidays and peak travel dates for when I take my trips.

Prices are always at their highest during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, so I’m always on the hunt for a way to save a few coins. 

Hiking in Mexico, during a solo trip that cost me $450 roundtrip during the Thanksgiving holiday

Here are the 3 sites I use to try when trying to get away for the low-low.

1. Google Flights
I absolutely adore Google Flights because there are so many ways you can tweak your search to find something in your price range. 

So lets say my range is $400 for a roundtrip ticket and I want to go to the Caribbean. But let’s also say that you aren’t choosey and don’t have a particular island you want to visit, all you know is that you want that beach view with a Bahama Mama in your hand at all times. 

With GF you can plug in your dates, your departure airport, type in your region, and wha-la! A list of places will come up. From there, you can then adjust your preferences for how much you’re willing to pay, non-stop vs. connecting flights, and even adjust your departure/return times.

Just typing in the region gives you a list of options in that area.
         At the top, you see the additional filters you can place to really get the ideal flight for you.

Any region is fair play to type in: South America, Europe, Asia, Midwest (USA), Africa, etc. I really appreciate this, because I’m someone at that isn’t really particular on where I go, as I want to see new places every chance I get. This tool is perfect for those with the same mindset.

There are also options for those not locked down to particular dates to get away. Similarly to the type of search as above, you can plug in your region (or leave it blank for more options), but then choose the flexible dates option.

Flexible dates option on Google Flights. Much better choice for snagging a cheap ticket.

This tool provides a better option for a cheaper ticket, because it’s essentially feeding you the absolute lowest prices for any given destination. 

2.) Skyscanner
I enjoy using Skyscanner, because of its interface. Albeit, it does things similar to Google Flights, in terms of the ways you can search flights, it present the information in a very user friendly way. 

Doing a search, where your destination isn’t specified (literally, you can type in the word ‘everywhere’ in the destination box) presents all the places you can travel in order from least to greatest ticket price. It also groups the results by country, if there so happens to be multiple cities in that country you can fly to. 

Search results with ‘Everywhere’ as the destination. You can click the drop down arrow to view all the places within that country (or region) that you can travel to.

Another option on Skyscanner is to search a specific destination  region, or everywhere, but filter the search by the cheapest month. This, of course, yields better options, because you’re going to be given all the cheapest prices. 

By clicking the ‘Whole month’ option, you can then have it show you the cheapest month to travel, or click on a particular month you want to fly out, and it will show all the results based on that month.

The cool thing about this tool is that it searches all the up until the next year. So searching now, September 2018, I can do searches all the way until September 2019. 

I recommend Skyscanner as another tool to compare flights, but again, it presents the information is such a clean way and it’s super easy to see all of your options in order of cost. 

3. Next Vacay
Next Vacay is membership based site that sends out email alerts to its users based on flight deals from the airport they designate is closest to them. And when I say deals, I mean DEALS. Steal prices for places domestically, but mostly internationally.

These are usually deals that don’t last too long (typically 24-72 hours), but an email is sent to you on where the destination is and the time frame for which the travel is. 

An email I recieved on 8/31/18, for a steal of deal ($275 R/T) during Thanksgiving in Mexico City

The thing I appreciate is that this site is truly a labor of love from a husband & wife duo that reside in Atlanta. In 2013 the husband, Naveen found a $300 flight to India (that normally costs $1500). Since then, they’ve been hooked to scouring the internet for rock bottom prices and have decided to share there skills with the masses. Read their story and how the site works right here, it tells you all about them and more details on how the site works.

Quick ‘How it Works’ Blurb

I’ve used Next Vacay several times over the years when there were offers I simply couldn’t refuse ::ahem:: a $300 one way ticket to Sweden during Christmas, yes please take my money! 

Next Vacay costs a mere $25 per year but you do a free trial month before committing to the yearly subscription. In my opinion, they are being super modest by charging such a low fee for this service. The amount of money saved by just booking one trip through a deal they can find for you far supersedes twenty-five bucks.

Another example of a daily email.


Yes, I really had to put it in all caps, because it’s just that good. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.

So there you have it folks, my top 3 sites for saving money on flights. So talk to me…

Do you use any of these sites or are any of them new to you?
Do you plan on checking any of these out?

Also don’t forget to drop me a line on here, Facebook, or Instagram to let me know if you have found a deal.

Thanks so much for reading and if you like what you read, please share it with others via the easy buttons below!

Take care and happy traveling!!

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  1. Kreativescribes

    My go-to is Google flights. When you are searching for a flight but aren't ready to pay, they track the price for you and email it. I only buy flights via Google flights.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes! Google is definitely a trendsetter for many things and flights are one of them. Glad to know you love it too!

    1. Jo

      Thanks so much for taking the time out to read it!

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