3 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Flight

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This is a post I never really foresaw myself talking about, but as we know art tends to imitate life. I’m overall a healthy person and probably catch the common cold 1-3 times a year, if that. 

Last week, in the midst of traveling to Los Angeles, California for the Labor Day holiday, I got sick…like real sick. Like I want my momma and my cats type of sick. I was totally fine prior to boarding, but about 3 hours into the flight I felt an itch in my throat and it was all downhill from there.

Not even 24 hours of being at my destination and I was sitting in an urgent care office with a fever of 101 degrees and goosebumps all over my body. 
Sitting outside of Santa Monica Urgent Care
Strep throat was the evil little culprit and the doctor on duty said I more than likely caught it on the plane, since that was the origin of my symptoms.

Do ya’ll see all these goosebumps on my arm? Wild!
Getting ill totally ruined my plans, as I physically was out of commission and could do nothing but lay down and wallow in my travel sickness. All I’m gonna say is thank the good Lord for antibiotics (or the people that made it, rather) because my throat was better within a day of taking the meds.

So, here are 3 quick tips on ways to stay healthy while airborne.

1. Sanitize & Disinfect
This one right here is self explanatory. Germs are every-freaking-where, so it’s important to protect yourself, especially at locations that are prime breeding homes for germs.
Once place in particular that you should do a nice clean down of is the airplane. That’s right, bring those Clorox (or any other brand) wipes with you and go to town. Wiping the armrests, meal tray, entertainment screen will go a long way for germ killing. If you have a window seat, definitely clean off that window area before resting your head there. 

If you don’t have disinfectant wipes, douse a napkin with sanitizer, and wipe that widow area down!

The same goes for when getting to a hotel room in or my frequent case, an AirBnb. Any surface that you frequent should be wiped down, and Lysol spray should also be a friend that you carry with you.

2.) Stock Up on Vitamins
This is an easy way to build up your immune system prior to a trip, especially if you’re taking a long flight.

I take vitamins as a normal part of my daily regimen, because being in a room with kids all day, how dare I not safeguard myself again all the millions of germs bouncing off the classroom walls.

Vitamins are also a great way to shield you from the world outside of the plane.
If you’re not a person that takes vitamins on a daily basis, consider taking some a few days before your journey to boost your defenses against all the inevitable germs you’ll encounter.

3. Stay Hydrated
Water is my BFF in my normal everyday world, and it should be yours too! No shade at all if it isn’t your thing, but on a long flight, you should definitely increase your intake of H2O.

After getting some water in, the next best thing is herbal tea (which I always carry with me in a ziplock bag on my travels).
Due to a lack of humidity in the cabin air, our bodies are more susceptible to dehydration. Now this isn’t to say that if you don’t drink a glass or two of water while flying that you’ll get sick or die from dehydro. Not at all. But I guarantee that it will make you feel better and prevent that awful cotton mouth that tends to happen post trip.

So there you have it friends. Now as you know, these aren’t the only ways, but what I think help and what have worked for me all these years. Below you’ll find some tips from my wonderful Instagram follower-friends on how to not just stay healthy while on the plane but traveling period. 


I hope this post was helpful to you and major thanks to all that offered their input via your responses. 

Have you ever gotten sick while traveling? Any other tips not mentioned here? 

Let’s talk about it below and of course, thanks so much for reading.


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