Best Sites for Epic Excursions

If youโ€™ve read my blog post, Solo Travel Over Everything, then youโ€™ve heard me mention some of this before and if you havenโ€™t read it, read it now! Excursions! My travels would be much more, how do I say this ummm, BORING, without them. Excursions are an easy way for me to do something I enjoy, in…

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3 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Flight

This is a post I never really foresaw myself talking about, but as we know art tends to imitate life. I'm overall a healthy person and probably catch the common cold 1-3 times a year, if that.  Last week, in the midst of traveling to Los Angeles, California for the Labor Day holiday, I got real sick. Like I want…

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My Top 3 Sites for Saving Money on Flights

Let's be all the way real. Who can resist a deal? It becomes even sweeter when it's a deal on a flight. Being a full time teacher means my dates are pretty set around major holidays and peak travel dates for when I take my trips. Prices are always at their highest during Thanksgiving, Christmas,…

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