5 Things I’m Never Leaving When I Travel

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As someone that’s on the go quite often, I have a bunch of things I can’t do without. As a seasoned traveler, these are some items I’ll never leave home without.

Honorary Mention: My Passport
Not on my technical list (because when traveling domestically, it’s not necessary), but it’s def worth a mention. When you’re country hopping, this little book is your only way in and only way out. Hence the reason it’s so doggone important. 

When I’m on the road internationally, I always keep on the inside of the bag or purse I use when I’m in transit. I never take it out during my daily excursions, unless if absolutely necessary. That way I always know where it’s at and it minimizes my freak out sessions trying to figure out it’s location.

Now…on the actual list

1. Powerbank (Portable Charger)
Coming in as numero uno, this is an essential travel tool for when on the go. From updating social media, to texting with friends/family, and taking photos, I don’t want to miss a beat when I’m out and about. Doing these things simultaneously is a drainer on this iPhone battery.

As someone that is often in foreign land solo, I can’t and won’t  risk having my phone dead. Not being able to use essential things such as WhatsApp or Google Maps is not an option for me. If you’re a traveler or about to become one you better go ahead and get you one of these babies!

Check out this link for the powerbank that I use, which comes in different colors.

2. Baby Lips
I was debating whether or not to put this as number one, because this is one thing I truly cannot live without. Ever. EVER. (One of my students even got me a few of these as my Christmas gift, because he recognized the obsession was real).

This simple lip balm keeps my lips moisturized for hours on end and I love the subtle glisten it gives my lips. I also use it sometimes as a base for lipstick, which comes in handy when I’m using a matte one, because let’s be real…matte gets super dry, super quick! (And if you know of a matte that doesn’t, please drop a comment below and let a sista know!)

When traveling (and in normal life) I always have 1-3 of these babies in a bag, jacket, suitcase, pants pocket, etc. Because God forbid I loose one and don’t have a backup!

Baby Lips comes in a variety of shades, but I use the “Quenched” one, because its clear and gets the job done. It’s super cheap on Amazon ($1.99 as an add-on item), so check it out here!

3. Tripod/Selfie Stick
Being alone is not an excuse for me to get a dope picture. There are many times when I don’t have the luxury of having someone take my photo. And to be honest, most times it’s better I take it myself, because I know what I want/am looking for. 

Hereingoes….dun-dun-da-da…the tripod/selfie stick combo! I love this little tool, because not only can I mount my phone on here, but it also comes with a bluetooth remote for which I can snap, snap away. 

I scout a place I want to get the shot, place my phone on the mount, pose and click the remote hiding somewhere in my hand. It’s super compact, lightweight and helps me to get the job done. I’m telling you, this makes traveling alone + capturing a great shot effortless!

If you want to use this stick with solely a cellphone, click this link for the one that I use.
If you have have a GoPro and want to use it interchangeably for that device and your cellphone, then this is the one that you need!

4. Sunglasses
Sunglasses are the one accessory I can’t live without and its super simple why. 

I hate the sun being and my eyes, and I love the way I look in aviators (other shapes too, but the a-vee’s are my fav). 

I got these pair from Aldo Shoes about 3 years ago (yes, I’ve held on to these for 3 whole years), but I tend to get all my others off the streets of NYC, where I can bargain for them.

5. Journal
There are many instances where I’ll have some downtime while at a beach, restaurant, or waiting for a flight. For me, this is the perfect time to get my thoughts down on paper.

I enjoy being able to look back on my journeys to see what I was feeling, thinking, seeing, smelling when I was writing. It’s a great way to get out what’s on my mind and gives me memories to last forever. 

I tend to get my journals from Marshalls/TJ Maxx, because they have an assortment of them. It also takes way too long of a process, because there’s so many to choose from and it’s always hard for me to choose from all the pretty covers they have. 

** Undoubtedly, there are other things I travel with that make my life easier, but these 5 are my essentials and I’m never, ever leaving home without them.

What are some must haves you can’t leave at home without when hitting the road?

Let’s chat! Let me know below.

Another no-so-shamless plug for this tripod. Who needs a cameraman? Not me!
Location: Bali, Indonesia


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  1. Missclapped_x

    Good matte lipsticks – Charlotte Tilburry Walk of shame or Birking Brown etc. That line never dries my lips and I swear by it, thanks for the tips x

  2. Powerbank is surely the thing you don`t want to travel without. It so inconvenient when you don`t have one with you because your phone can fail you any time.

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