An Attitude of (Travel) Gratitude

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As I sit back and think of my life, my journey, and all the things that have led up to this very moment, all I can do is give thanks. I’m very aware that I live an amazing life and I do not take any of it for granted. Any of it. Things always look great when we see things posted up on social media, but one never sees all the things that it took to get there…

I’m writing this post (2:30am Pacific Time), sitting in a Los Angeles hotel, trying to stay awake a long as possible in an effort to tire myself out for a pending 12 hour, 45 minute flight in the morning.

Tomorrow, I embark on a 3 week journey that will allow me to explore four countries in Asia. This is my first time traveling to the continent, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Being able to put a trip like this into fruition, all by my lonesome, was no easy feat, but alas ’tis time to reap the benefits of months of planning. In the midst of this excitement, there is a prevalent spirit of gratefulness that has overtaken me…hence the reason for this post.

It’s an overwhelming feeling I have currently, but a positive one in the same token. This will be my longest trip to date and I’m prayerful that everything will turn out great.

Even though I am taking this time out to publicly express gratitude for my life and the blessing I have, I also want to speak to you. Yes, you. Someone that is reading this post right now. 

There’s no better feeling than being in a particular moment in time, super content with where you’re currently at, and knowing that YOU were the deciding factor in all of that coming to life. I can say that I’ve been at in this space several times over my short life, and it’s an amazing space to be in.

Whatsoever your goals are…whether they be travel related or not, just GO FOR IT. 

I get so many messages, DMS, emails, etc. from folks expressing how they wish they could have the guts I have to do the things that I do. My response always mirrors a, “you can do it too” mindset, because it’s true. I’m no different from anyone. Set a goal and GO FOR IT!

This space I’m in, where everything feels just right & content, I want you all to join me there! Life is fleeting, our time on Earth is so short, it’s what we do with the time that matters. 

So book the hotel, buy the flight, put in the request for days off. Log off the phone, turn the TV off, disconnect. Whatever that thing is for you that will bring you to your happy space, start now to make those steps to get there.

I guarantee you won’t regret it!!!


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  1. Brittany Amber

    Love this! You have truly inspired me! Continue to be amazing and spread that light everywhere you go! ❤️

    1. Jo

      Thanks so much Brittany for these kind words. So happy to be of inspiration 🙂

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