Copenhagen, Day 2 (VIDEO CLIPS INCLUDED!)

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I vividly remember going to bed after my first night telling myself that I’d be out the house by 11am so I could maximize my day…

Did it happen???

HECK NAW! Honey, I woke up after 1PM and didn’t get out of the apartment until a quarter to 3, but I had to remind myself that it was totally OK and that I was on vacation. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in spending every waking minute on vacation doing something, that you have to chill out and remember some of the best parts of being away is doing nothing.

I decided, while lazily getting ready, to cross the bridge into town, and try to visit this “palace” my host raved about the night before. He said he thought I would love it, as I told him I like to learn about history, both past and present. 

Store outside, steps from my AirBnB apartment

After making it out the house, mid-day

The background was too dope to not stop for a flick

Using the trusty Google Maps, I made my way to the Christiansborg . I was not prepared for the regal-ness I was about to experience. 

Christiansborg Palace

Outside the Entrance

I paid about 20 Euros which allowed me access to 4 areas of the palace, but I only ended up going to 2: the Royal Stable and the Royal Reception Rooms.

Click this link here, to check out more pics and videos of inside the Royal Palace.

After leaving the palace I found a cute little restaurant, had a nice shrimp pasta dinner and proceeded to walk about the town, with no exact destination in mind. 

Dinner for the evening

Can’t forget my tea 🙂

After dinner I ended up at a department store, which I can only describe as the Danish version of Macy’s, where I was able to buy the same exact tea my host served me the night before, which was absolutely DEVINE.

Danish “Macy’s”

I loved that I could smell the aromas before choosing.
Sweet Lemon is what Rune (my host) gave me so I definitely had to get that one, along with some others.
Packing up my tea

At this point I was out for about six hours but was getting sleepy, so I decided to make my way back to the apartment, which was a good 30-40 minute walk from where I was at.

On my way home, the sky lit up from the the type of lights and sounds that could only come from an amusement park. Low and behold Tivoli Gardens. This place has earned it’s stripes as the second oldest-operating amusement park, opening in 1843.

As I got closer and closer to the park, I instantly decided I’d have to go in, even if I didn’t get on a single ride. 

The gate to the entrance

When I walked in distinctly remember having a jaw-drop moment. I meant the place was absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never been to an amusement park in the winter, but this place really hit the nail on the head with the park part. 

The Merry-Go-Round in motion

Flashing Lights

The trees were adorned with gorgeous lights all over. I literally felt like I was in a winter wonderland and I loved every single second of it. Hearing the screams of the people in the background on the various rides was warming to me, in a weird way. Here is was dead of winter, cold as I don’t know what, but people were still carrying about and having their fun. I was all there for it!

I quickly realized that the admission I paid was only valid for entrance into the park and not for the rides, so I decided that I would just stroll around the park and to be in love with the moment and I did just that. 

Tivoli Gardens was the last thing I did for the evening, and it was a great nightcap indeed!

Under the gorgeous lights
There was even a water light show!

As I get ready to lay it down for the last night in Denmark, I eagerly anticipated what adventures lay ahead for my final full day there. Stay tuned…


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