Copenhagen, Day 1 (VIDEO CLIPS INCLUDED)

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Denmark is never a place I thought about visiting or had the desire to, in all honesty. However, when the travel gods start working their magic and show you all the different possibilities on how to get your butt home for the cheapest way, you take heed.

I chose to spend the last leg of my Christmas getaway (December 27-29, 2017) in Denmark, because it was right next door to Sweden, and the price was a smooth $300 to get me back to NYC before NYE.

I decided to stay in an AirBnb for my time in Copenhagen, due to hotel prices not being in my favor. I stayed with a lovely Danish man by the name of Rune. He was extremely personable, texting me a few days before my arrival to make sure I was OK and didn’t have any questions/concerns.

The street on which my AirBnb was located

Awesome welcome note from Rune ๐Ÿ™‚

Upon arrival, we chatted for about hour, getting to know each other and learning about our travel history. During our conversation, Rune was also gauging my interests, because a few hours later I woke up to a comprehensive list of recommendations on places to go. And the list was super detailed with what makes it a good place, complete with the link to Google Maps, so I could know how to get there.

Chopping it up with my host, with a warm cup of tea he made for me.
The tea was so good I went out the next day and bought a pound for me to take back to NYC! 

Hence, enter another shameless plug for why I love staying at AirBnb’s. The type of personal interactions you get when you’re in the home of a native is bar-none. (If you’re ever thinking about staying in Copenhagen, check out Rune’s place here.)

Perfect sized room for me

After getting myself settled in, I took a leisurely walk to the downtown area of Copenhagen. From my residence, it was about a 15-20 minute walk across a bridge to get to the other part of town. 

What I did after, was literally followed the lights I saw from buildings until I came to the area with all the shops, food and sights. Check out the quick video clip below of me walking through the streets.

After finding some grub and doing a bit more walking I decided to head back to the apartment. 

And dinner. Yum!

I had a full day ahead and wanted to maximize my time, so I thought it best to call it a night to map out how I would spend the next day…

Be on the lookout for the next post, which shares how I spent the next 24 hours!

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    1. Jo

      Thanks Danielle. I had a great time and safe to say the next few days got better! You should definitely take the trip out there ๐Ÿ™‚

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