How I Stayed at a 4.5 STAR HOTEL for $62

Yes, you read the headline correctly. So how, you may ask, was I able to pull this off. The answer is quite simple, and I'll do it with one word: REWARDS. Feeling luxurious in my complimentary robe during my stay at the Kimpton Grey Hotel in Chicago. That's right, rewards. And as the name insinuates, it's…

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Money Saving Tip #2

Saving money isn't easy, but it's imperative, because you never know what life may throw at you where you need cash in a quick hurry. In my case, I have a savings for regular life things and one solely dedicated for my travels. One way I save money is by using the Digit app. It's an…

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The Pyramids in Teotihacan

Mexico City has been on my radar since I visited the costal city of Cancun back in 2013. I remember looking up day trips, and seeing a visit to a pre-Aztec community being one of the options. Now, I'm definitely am not a big history buff, but I thought it would be nice to visit…

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