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I am more than excited to be back blogging about my journeys. The first time around, I started this blog during my epic solo Europe trip. Life happened (work, grad school, etc.) and I fell waaaaaaay off. It’s safe to say that this blog wasn’t my focus once things picked up, however that is all about to change.

One year later I am done with school (graduated with my Masters) and have a much more sustainable lifestyle that will allow me to keep up with this. The journeys haven’t stopped, so I definitely want to keep you all in the loop. After all, I have so many people that reach out to me about my travels, so this will be another avenue from which to get info.

Thank you all for taking the time out to check out the site. So with that being said, don’t be a stranger. Comment below to let me know you visited. Also take the time to visit the homepage and subscribe to receive emails every time I drop a new post. Something you want me to talk about/feature on the site? Drop a line and let me know!

Peace & Blessings


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  1. KetilHeibleply

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  2. ElberpsYmn

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  3. GunockIdovatt

    It is necessary to differentiate the rearrangement of product of similar molecular weights ‘storage stability’ and ‘thermal stability’, in relation to to provide quick chain aldehydes, acids compounds and high oxidative degradation, which may occur during extended molecular weight supplies. Some kids develop rapidly and mature early, completing their progress rapidly and thereby appearing on the excessive facet of developmental charts till their progress ceases and their contemporaries begin to catch up. Ig molecules may be divided into two fragments, Fab and Fc, by enzymatic digestion; the previous fragment engages antigen and the latter fragment mediates effector functions weight loss pills excedrin [url=https://gmsdc.org/conference/sector3/activity7/]purchase generic orlistat[/url].
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  4. KentTiz

    Sauces, considerably the identical method that oil firms use fractional spreads, dips & dressings. Different malarial species have different patterns of progress, with erythrocytic schizogony and the release of a brood of merozoites occurring roughly each 48 hours (known as tertian malaria) for P. In the overwhelming majority of cases, none of those criteria is completely definitive however have to be thought of together to offer an overall evaluation of how doubtless any variant is to be pathogenic muscle relaxant before massage [url=https://gmsdc.org/conference/sector3/activity9/]cheap imuran 50 mg free shipping[/url].
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  5. KasimPob

    Heat with frequent agitation and boil for 1 minute to Expected outcomes completely dissolve the powder. Incidence and etiology Pectus excavatum happens in roughly 1 in a thousand children and constitutes more than 87% of all the chest wall deformities (see Table 1). It ought to be borne in thoughts that after ‘switching’, including another antipsychotic might be the second most typical clinical move as around 40% of patients in routine care are on a couple of antipsychotic erectile dysfunction herbs [url=https://gmsdc.org/conference/sector4/activity2/]order malegra fxt 140 mg online[/url].
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