Arriving to Mexico City

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Anytime I get an extended amount of time from work, I jump at the opportunity to get away. Holidays are no exception to my self-proclaimed rule, so when I saw a $375 roundtrip deal to Mexico City during the Thanksgiving holiday, back in July, I jumped on purchasing it. Fast forward 4 months later and here I am, safe and sound in Mexico.

Since I had no bags to check in, I got to the JFK airport about an hour before our scheduled 3PM departure. After quickly getting through security (thanks TSA Pre-Check!)

TSA Pre-Check: Always a game-changer

I proceeded to my gate. As I was walking, I had to stop in my tracks, because I noticed something in an area that I’ve walked by tons of times. In the middle of Terminal 4, there was a pop-up movie theater! It was sponsored by Atom Tickets, which is a movie ticketing app and website.

Complete with popcorn stand and movie ushers.

People were literally standing in line to receive complimentary popcorn and then proceeded to grab seats inside of this makeshift theater. This was so great to see and I was a bit jaded that I didn’t get there earlier, because they were playing Home Alone and I would’ve loved to plop down on a comfy seat and relive some of my childhood memories with that film. After doing some research, I learned it will only be in Terminal 4 for Thanksgiving weekend (the biggest travel holiday weekend), but they plan to host another pop-up theater on December 17th in lower Manhattan.

Looking super comfy and relaxed before the flight

I flew via Aeromexico as a first-timer. Anytime I fly with an international airline, I get a bit excited because generally the experiences (in my opinion) are superior to that of American-based airlines. The plane was huge, a 3 by 3 by 3 model. We had an ample amount of entertainment via the screens in the seats in front of us.

In flight entertainment 

All in all, the 5 hour journey was very smooth. The economy seats were very spacious and I didn’t feel cramped by my window seat. One thing that is always nice about flying with international carriers is that they feed you food with substance to it. I was pleasantly surprised with the pasta dish I had, complete with real basil and thyme inside of it.

Delicious Spread

After getting through a seamless customs process I went out side to order an Uber. Yes, Uber does work out here in Mexico and it is super cheap! I paid $109.15 MXN for my 20-ish minute Uber ride to the hotel, which is the equivalent of $5.85 USD. What a steal!

After getting settled into my room, I headed right back on my phone to order some dinner via UberEats. I was so thankful that I can do this, because I was exhausted after a long day of going to work and then traveling.

I am now here, unpacked, and ready to start my 3.5 day adventure here in Mexcio City. Stay tuned for some more updates, and of course, thanks for reading!!

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