Flamenco Show & Cooking Class (LINKS INCLUDED)

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This past week I took a solo-vacay to the city of Barcelona. Being that it was my first time there (and I heard tons of great things) I wanted to make sure that I maximized my time and did as much as possible. Check out some of the things I did below:

I’ve always heard that the flamenco shows were a must see in Spain, so I booked this activity as my the first official thing on my itinerary. It was conveniently located 20 minutes walking from my hotel and was nice, because it included an option of ordering a drink, tapas, or dinner with the show. 

If you know anything about me, you know that I love food, especially when it’s fresh. I decided to book this excursion, and it by far exceeded my expectations. The tour stated off with us meeting at a bar right off Las Ramblas, a busy street in downtown Barcelona. After meeting with our chef, we took a quick walk over to La Boqueria, an huge open market in the heart of Barcelona. 
Our Chef for the Evening
Different Stands in La Boqueria

After picking out all of the fresh ingredients, we headed back to her kitchen to prepare our meal for the evening. But of course, no meal would be complete without the prelude…SANGRIA, of course!

Our chef started off by taking the time out to show us the Barcelona way to make sangria. When I noticed the pitchers running low, I happily volunteered to replenish our supply!

Need a Refill? I’m Your Girl!
Adding Just a Tad Bit More Libations!

Seems Just Right to Me!
After the drinks, she served us appetizers (or tapas) that were prepped before we came. During this time all of the participants took the time to get to know each other. Of course, this became much easier due to the fact that at this point, the sangria was flowing freely. 

Once we were done with the tapas, we headed to the kitchen to prepare the meal. Different people manned various stations, after being shown by the chef how to prep the different items. After everything was cut up, sliced, washed and marinated, we proceeded to make a flavorful seafood paella. 

Fresh From the Market We Just Left
Chef Showing Us How to Clean the Seafood
Sautéing Together
I’m going to admit that I didn’t have high expectations of the dish, much due to the fact that it wasn’t the chef that solely prepared it. Even with this being the case, the paella came out superb! 
The flavors were on point and it was honestly, one of the best meals I had during my almost week stay in Barcelona. I highly encourage this activity if you ever visit Barcelona!

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