Rome, Italy

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When I think back to my time in Rome, one simple word come to mind. F to the double O-D. My tastebuds are forever grateful for the deliciousness I had, particularly in the area of pasta. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe what I experienced, but I will say it was an amazing one, and already is definitely on my lists of places to return to.

Freshest Calamari I Ever Did Taste

Homemade Ravioli

Much Bigger Than It Looks

Rome was the 4th stop on my five city journey through Europe. What made it even better than the food, was that I got to experience this with one of my closest friends, Kierra. She just finished studying in Madrid and had some time to spare, so decided to spend a few days with me, and I am so glad she did. With this being towards the tail end of my solo adventure I was so fortunate to have someone with which to share the experience with. Yes I love me some me, but at this point (almost 10 days in) it felt good to not have to dine alone.

Kierra & I

We planned to spend our first full day doing a walking tour. We ended up ditching the group about an hour in and did our own thing, which yielded itself fruitful, because we ended up visiting two major landmarks (that weren’t in our plan): the Colosseum and the Vatican.

The Colosseum Ruins Behind Us
Outside the Colosseum

We were even so lucky to attend a Sunday mass in Vatican City, led by Pope Francis in the flesh. Although I am not Catholic, being in that atmosphere, you could definitely feel the presence of God. People from all over the world were there with their flags & signs, in deep reverence during the service. You could definitely feel the presence of God and I’m glad we got to witness that.

Approaching Vatican City
The Pope (Top Floor, Second from Right), Delivering Sunday Mass
Inside Vatican City, Listening to Service

All in all we had a great first day, but little did we know that more adventure (and food) was only a night’s sleep away…

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