Palermo, Italy (VIDEO INCLUDED)

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Palermo was a place I never thought of when I was initially planning my solo Euro-trip. I happened to stumble upon it while doing a Google Flight search to see what city it would be cheapest for me to fly back home to. When I saw the low 200-something price tag linked with a one way flight to NYC, I immediately booked it without an afterthought.

Being that it was the last leg of my journey, I purposely decided to not plan much to do for the two full days that I would be in Palermo. I wanted to be able to do me and be free from the constraint of having to be somewhere at a certain time. With that being said, the only planned excursion I did was a Walking Food Tour.

The tour consisted of myself and about 6 other travelers, being led around the streets of Palermo with a local tour guide. At the start, he gave us all “passports” from which we would get stamps along the legs of our routes, after trying out the different foods.

All in all Palermo was a good stop, because it gave me the respite that I needed after being on the go for almost two straight weeks of city-hopping. It’s not a place I intend on going back to, but the traveler in me revels in the fact that it’s another place I can add to my list. Additionally, I met some of the nicest people, just from walking the streets. I’m at a place now where I’m not afraid to ask people to take their photos, so here goes some shots of the friendly faces I encountered.

Isn’t His Smile the Cutest?

Check out the Snapchat Reel below of my time in Palermo. It’s worth noting that at the end there is an emoji which expresses a not-so-nice thought of America.

The end of my trip, unfortunately, was marred by my finding out of another death at the hand of police. At the airport, on my way back to the states (July 7th, 2016), I was scrolling through Facebook, when I stumbled upon the video of Philando Castile being murdered. I broke down so hard  when I saw it, and had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. After seeing that, I had absolutely no desire to board that plane.

So while the end of my Euro-journey felt very liberating, in the sense that I accomplished a major travel goal of mine, I also felt equally detained headed back to a country that time and time again shows how little they value people like me.

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