Black Lives Matter. Sorry, Not Sorry…

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Greetings All!

So, when I created this blog, I did so with the intentions of it being all about my travels and helping others do the same. During the last phase of my Euro Trip, I decided that I would forgo updating the blog while out there, in an effort to truly take in the experiences.
July 5th is when I learned, via Faceback on the killing of Alton Sterling. I made a purposeful and conscious effort to not watch the numerous re-sharings and postings of the video, because I knew that was something I physically and mentally couldn’t take watching.
The morning of July 7th is when I was waiting for my flight back to NYC, and yet again browsing through Facebook. I stumbled upon a video, not knowing what it was about and was instantly saddened again. Watching Philando Castile’s soul escape from his body while the officer pointed that gun at him broke me down in a way that was truly irreversible. The tears couldn’t stop flowing while sitting in that airport, while thinking about the countless black lives lost senselessly to police brutality. I felt so much rage within me, and I dreaded coming back to a country that has proven time and time again that they’d rather not want me and my people there.
After that day, I’ve truly been in a state of mental depression and turmoil, as I’m am sure millions of blacks living in this country have been as well.
The reason why I’m sharing this is two-fold:
  1. Many people have been asking for updates on the blog. And I do apologize. The fact of the matter is that reminiscing on my great adventures and updating pictures was far less important to me, when I thought about the plight my people were facing here. I could not bring myself to do it, when there were far more pressing issues plaguing my thoughts.
  2. This is something that is important to me. When my people suffer, so do I.
Now I could truly get deeper with this. I could share my viewpoints and express thoughts and sentiments on everything that is happening (as I’ve been doing with many friends and family members over the last few weeks). However, this is not the platform from which I want to do so. I do, however, encourage healthy discussion below, via the comment section or feel free to reach out to me any other way. I am in a much better head-space now that I can continue with the purpose of the blog, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t address this at all.
I will end on this note, from one of the most conscious brothers to grace this planet, Mr. James Baldwin:

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