New Friendships in Paris

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Man, oh man.

The buzzword for my time in Paris is people. It’s amazing to me how I can come across the world, and manage to meet some really cool people.
One of the things I love about solo travel, is that it really forces you out of your comfort zone. It pushes you to speak to someone you might not ever think to open your mouth to. Being a solo female travel gives me an advantage, in my experience, because people are always wanting to know why I’m out in the streets, bar, restaurant, etc. by myself. #instantconvostarter
My first full day, I booked a bike tour of Paris. When I met up with the guide, he was with another traveler, a young sister from Atlanta. Overall, the tour was great. We got to see many amazing sights and I got to dodge and weave through the busy traffic on my bike. I didn’t fall or wipeout, so I considered myself successful at the end of the tour. 

I then proceeded to get lunch at this cute cafe that was recommended to me by my tour guide, Marc. 

For the night, I booked a “Night Out with a Parisian”. BEST DECISION EVER. I had found this excursion a few months ago on Trip Advisor and based on the reviews, I thought it would be perfect for me, since I was going to be out here solo dolo. So basically this really awesome guy, named Anto, takes a small group of people out to non-touristy spots for great night out. My group consisted of Anto, a young man from Italy (in Paris to study French), a couple from Canada(on vacation and the wife is a TV personality in Vancouver, how cool), and a man who ironically was from NYC as well (in Paris working remotely for the week). We instantly all chopped it up, all night long, as if we were long lost friends, meeting up for drinks. I also got a chance to eat thee best tasting duck ever. I mean it was so doggone good, I really wanted to chew up the bones, but I was not about to be looking crazy out there in them Paris streets. 

We made 4 stops in total, the last was, undoubtedly being the best, in my opinion. It was at a quaint wine bar, that I decided to strike up a conversation with two older men sitting in a corner. They were seriously some of the sincerest people I’ve ever met. They were lifelong friends from Morocco and I could sense how strong their friendship was from their mannerism and how they interacted with each other. After many laughs, toasts, and deep talks, one of the gentlemen revealed to me that he was a diplomat and that he wanted me to come to Morocco and visit “My Home”, since I have never been to Africa. He gave me his business card and made me promise to email him so that he could arrange a trip for me really soon. And I most def will be taking him up on that offer.

That morning (we all departed each other around 2:30 AM), while taking the 15 minute walk back to my apartment, I had such a content feeling within me. That day I met 9 new people. Got to hear a bunch of stories, learned things about them and got to share a bit of me to them. I also created memories that I won’t ever forget. (And let’s not forgot the invitations I received to visit Morocco and Canada). I’m not going to lie, it does get lonely from time to time not having someone immediately there all the time to talk to when traveling. But the entire day reminded me that it’s not half bad. Actually, it’s not bad at all. 

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