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What an exciting couple of days it’s been in London. My highlight for the tip is CLEANLINESS.  I couldn’t help but to notice how clean everything was. Being a native and current New Yorker, it is safe for me to say that my city doesn’t rank that high in that area.The biggest place I noticed this was on their subway system. Each and every time I got on a train, a slight envy overcame me. No trash on the floors, no weird smelling funk in the cars or on the platform. Oh and another thing, they ran ON TIME. 

T w o M i n u t e s b e t w e e n e a c h t r a i n.  I’m just gonna leave it there. 
I was able to do a majority of my sightseeing through a walking tour that I booked prior to coming here. I used Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour, and it was great for a few reasons:
1. It was free
2. Met a bunch of different people
3. Got to learn about the history behind the monuments
4. It was free
5. Took the guesswork out of figuring out how to get to all those cool places.
Here goes a few highlights from the free walking tour. 

Highlights from a Cruise I did on the Thames River

I was also able to meet up with my super fly, super cute, super fun cousin (or cuzzy, as she would say). I spent my whole Saturday with her and she took me around to the city parts. It happened to be Pride Weekend, so the city was bustling with energy. We got to experience a bit of the Pride parade, and even bumped into Jonathan Cheban (Kim K.’s BFF) while walking down the street.

After a long day filled with literally riding on every subway line, having drinks at each stop, and snapping selfies, we ended our night in an area called Shoreditch. It was cute artsy, hip and young town. We hung out at a cool place that played all 90s R&B and I was able to meet people from Trinidad and San Francisco. 
All in all, my time in London was super short, but I feel super accomplished. Got to see some amazing sights, ate and drank good, and met some really cool people. And being the simple person that I am, that’s all I can ask for…Mission accomplished!

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