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New Destinations

Here's a sneak peak into where I'm headed soon...
And by headed soon, meaning the flight has been paid for. To me, that's when it becomes real!

Been to any of these places?  Have any insights on must see/do things? Drop me a line in the comment box below. Would love to hear from you!

November 2017
Mexico City, Mexico 

December 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark

January 2018
Paris, France

February 2018
   Cartagena, Columbia

   March 2018
   Montserrat, West Indies

   April 2018
   Cario, Egypt
   July 2018
   New Orleans, LA, USA (Essence Fest)

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  1. Egypt in April...AMAZING!!!! Cant wait to see your post about that.

    ;) Toni